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JRHS Jr. Editor Position and Award

The JRHS team wishes to convey gratitude for the dedication and contributions of numerous Junior Editor volunteers. As a modest gesture of appreciation, we annually select two outstanding Junior Editors for the prestigious Junior Editor of the Year Award.

Over 80 young, talented, and dedicated students serve as junior editors, responsible for assessing manuscripts across various disciplines. The junior editors' evaluations are shared with senior reviewers at the time of manuscript assignment. The senior reviewers conduct independent evaluations of the manuscript, considering the input provided by the junior editors. Following this process, the editorial team collects all evaluations submitted by the senior reviewers and nominates 5 to 10 junior editors who have consistently received high evaluations for the Junior Editor of the Year award. 

The initial round of nominations is concluded in October, and the ultimate awardees are officially announced in April of the following year. Along with the honor, the award includes a $200 scholarship.

JRHS Jr. Editor of the Year Awardees

Academic Year 2023

Melody Lee

  • North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics

  • Georgia Institute of Technology (Class of 2027)

    • Stamps President's Scholar

    • Major:Computer Science

Selina Sun

  •  Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology 

The Journal of Research High School (JRHS) is looking for motivated Jr. editor volunteers. Primary responsibility includes evaluating manuscripts for conciseness, clarity, and reference accuracy and reporting back to the chief Jr. editor. Strong analytical skills and proficiency in English are necessary and previous research, and publication experiences will be beneficial. Being a Jr. editor will be a significant service commitment in the academic community and a hands-on learning opportunity in the peer-review journal publication process. To apply for the Jr. editor position, please email the application form with an attached resume to


  1. Sophomore, and Juniors in the 2024 – 2025 school year (Class of 2026 and 2027)

    • ​No positions available for the Class of 2025 high school students.​​ (all positions are filled.)

  2. Students who have good communication skills

  3. Students who have strong analytical abilities

  4. Students who have good time management and organizational skills

  5. Students who have research experience or are familiar with the peer-review publication process

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