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The Journal of Research High School (JRHS) is an open-access online research journal that aims at publishing academic work prepared exclusively by high school researchers. JRHS seeks to offer a representation of the future scientific community mainly for high school students. It is important to note that the platform offers students the necessary opportunity to display their research and writing experience in quality journals and articles. Moreover, it also seeks the engagement of high school students in disseminating research papers under the guidance of research advisors.
The JRHS helps learners given that it serves as a stepping-stone for high school authors to be future experienced researchers with improved research skills in the early stage of their academic life. Besides, the organization creates a platform that offers an interactive session where students can get the opportunity of interacting with other peers while at the same time get the chance to access their academic works.
JRHS takes the opportunity to invite original research and meaningful literature reviews in various fields of studies such as in the Engineering, Humanities, and Natural Science, Mathematics, and Social Science disciplines for the consideration of publication among other fields of studies.
The management of the JRHS is fully under volunteered professional scientists, researchers, teachers, and professors who in one way on the other can realize the lack of access to the research resources and publication channel. There is no submission deadline for the publication; Therefore, students can submit the prepared manuscript without time restriction.
We encourage and welcome all the interested applicants and any other students who are willing to join us to do so as soon as possible given that the platform seeks to offer an equal opportunity for all the high school students.

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