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Journal of Research

High School

international open access research journal

 exclusively for high school researchers

Welcome from the Inaugural Editor in Chief


Welcome to The Journal of Research High School,

On behalf of the editorial and support volunteers, I am pleased to welcome you to the Journal of Research High School (JRHS). The JRHS began its first publication on showcases achieved by high school researchers in 2019. My warmest gratitude goes to the authors, who are assorted from the students’ population. Through interaction in their own spheres and small-group research they have done for JRHS, they have been able to outgrow the journal into significance to high school research quality standards. I am embarrassed at the thought of naming some of the many contributors to JRHS, including the anonymous reviewers and leaving so many of the rest unnamed. Please know how grateful JRHS is to all of you.

Over the last few weeks, the editorial board has been working around the clock to selects a team of researchers who will apply the highest quality standards to ensure this journal remain true to its objective – raising the quality level standards for high school achievers through interactive communication, and exchange of ideas and experience. This objective intends to prepare high-schoolers for future academic challenges. High-speed network and collaborative communication have made it possible, even to us at JRHS, to implement the mode of communication needed to bring a higher level of technical work standards through the efforts of high school students.


The JRHS seeks set agenda on issues fundamental to high school students during and after their high schooling period. The journal will also create a forum for engaging and evaluating the national policies and initiatives on high school education, sharing good practices across diverse schools, and highlighting concerns. Also, JRHS will endeavor to report on successful high school events in various contexts, including reviewing a range of developmental issues. You can access the year program at the journal website.

Once again, it is my pleasure to welcome you in your quest for academic and intellectual success.

Raul R. Cardenas (Ph.D.)

The Inaugural Editor in Chief

The Journal of Research High School

School Notebook

The Journal of Research High School (JRHS) is looking for motivated Jr. editor volunteers. Primary responsibility includes evaluating manuscripts for conciseness, clarity, and reference accuracy and reporting back to the chief Jr. editor. Strong analytical skills and proficiency in English are necessary and previous research, and publication experiences will be beneficial. Being a Jr. editor will be a significant service commitment in the academic community and a hands-on learning opportunity in the peer-review journal publication process. To apply for the Jr. editor position, please email the application form with an attached resume to


  1. Sophomore, and Juniors in the 2023 – 2024 school year (Class of 2025 and 2026)

    • ​No positions available for the Class of 2024 high school students.​​ (all positions were filled.)

  2. Students who have good communication skills

  3. Students who have strong analytical abilities

  4. Students who have good time management and organizational skills

  5. Students who have research experience or are familiar with the peer-review publication process

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